LOK 1293 Siemens/ÖBB(79908)AC Sound

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LOK 1293 Siemens/ÖBB(79908)AC Sound. Prototypical with long rain gutter and high cabs for use in Italy.  For the first time with prototypical adaptive dampers on the trucks. Licensed ÖBB model, finely detailed model with many separately applied filigree parts, precise roof design with four pantographs, sound in cooperation with Leosoundlab. Technical data: Track gauge: H0. Motor with flywheel mass. Drive on three axles, two wheels with traction tires to increase tractive effort. NEM 362 coupler pocket with close coupler kinematics. LED headlights white/red changing with the direction of travel. AC model with a digital decoder and digitally controlled sound and light functions as well as a buffer capacitor for an uninterruptible power supply.
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